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Certificate in Financial Engineering (CFE)

CFE is a boundary pushing Financial Engineering Educational Program administered globally by Risk Latte Company. The CFE Certification is a benchmark for the next generation of quantitative analysts and finance professionals. The main focus of the CFE Program is the testing of advanced level knowledge in the field of Quantitative Finance as well as hands-on quantitative modeling and application skills in Microsoft Excel/VBA.

CFE has no exams and no instructors. A large body of course materials, including lecture notes, Excel spreadsheet tutorials, Excel spreadsheet workout of quantitative models, risk models and tools, etc. are uploaded on the CFE Online course forum which can be downloaded for review and study by the students using a log in ID and password. Given the vast scope of the CFE Curriculum and the subject matter of Financial Engineering, the CFE Course materials, huge in their breadth and depth as they are, should only be used as sign posts and reference materials by the students to navigate this vastly diverse and interesting discipline.

CFE Course materials are designed and developed by a panel of experts who serve on the Academic Committee of CFE and who work as experienced traders, quants, risk managers, portfolio managers and analysts in top tier global banks and financial institutions.

CFE Online course forum delivers the course materials to the students via the internet. The CFE program is fully administered online, via the internet (with very limited and special purpose onsite, classes for a select group of students). All thesis and project submissions are also done online.

Alternative assessment methodology (AAM) is employed to test students for their suitability for the CFE Certification. A student who wants to obtain the CFE Certification needs to submit:

  1. One major original thesis presentation with Microsoft Excel/VBA workouts in any of the topics mentioned in the Curriculum.
  2. Three Project presentations with Microsoft Excel/VBA workouts, one in the area of derivatives modelling, one in the area of portfolio analytics and the final one in the area of market, credit or operational risk management.
  3. Face to face interview and question hour, via phone and/or Skype, with a panel of experts on and in-house academic committee members.

Skills acquisition and development is the main focus of CFE Program. What is stressed is the acquisition, development and enhancement of quantitative modelling and analytical skills and creative thinking to solve real life problems in the field of quantitative finance using multi-disciplinary knowledge.

Special Workshops and Tutorial Sessions are organized in limited number by us where advanced level workshops and tutorials are held for a few days every six months in various cities around the world such as New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto and Mumbai for those students who are interested in classroom style instruction.

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